Handmade for people who demand the very best, Berti’s knives epitomize the unique qualities of the brand “Made in Italy”: first-rate quality, artistry, tradition and history.

Handmade in the family workshop in Scarperia, a charming village north of Florence, Berti’s cutlery is 100% Italian. The production is very limited as the knives are made totally by hand by a dozen of skilled craftsmen using methods that are centuries old.
Each knife is hand made by a single artisan, from start to finish, in more than 50 different steps and the initials of the actual knife maker are impressed on the blade along with Berti’s signature. The uniqueness of this process, no division of labor, contributes very much to the uniqueness of the result: in each knife you can appreciate the perfection, the amazing attention of every detail, the character and the “soul” of the man or woman who made it.
As it must be, the razor sharp blades make the whole difference in a knife. The unparalleled cutting edge of Berti’s cutlery is achieved with three consecutive manual processes that no machine can match.
Professional chefs and “home chefs” who are lucky enough to own a Berti knife agree that there is nothing quite like it – no turning back indeed.

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